Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hate 101

Posted at CARM on Sept 28th, 2011. Creationist: SuperSport.

Have you always wanted to learn how to hate other people as best as possible? Look no farther than your local Young Earth Creationist!

It is not an "attack" to call a baby-killing atheist a baby-killing atheist. Anyone who votes people in office who actively promote or enable killing babies is essentially a baby killer in my book, just as an accomplice to a murder is a murderer.

As far as the whole gay thing goes, I don't, and have never "harrassed" them....I would certainly never try to injure or harm them physically, as insinuated in the OP...........but it is clear that homosexuals are becoming a plague on society. They are overwhelmingly a disease-infested and disease-spreading group of people, which pose a great health threat on the general population. And like their parent group, the atheists, they are basically just a cancer on the human race....they don't do anything constructive, they're not good parents, they're not good role-models, they're not good citizens, and they're not even good representatives of their own gender. Gay men act, talk, walk and dress like 13 year old girls and gay women act, talk, walk and dress like 13 year old boys. This is a highly depressed, highly confused, highly disease-ridden, highly drug-addicted group that needs to have their own gay community out on some deserted island where they can't corrupt and infect the rest of the population with their demented morality and myriad of diseases. The world was a better place when homosexuality was illegal and kept only in dark closets.

Don't you just feel the brotherly love and the spirit of Christ? I know I do.


Majority FAIL

Posted at CARM on Spetember 27th, 2011. Creationist: Diane S

When voted on by the majority, it is still NOT the position of the people.

Really? Seems like...a majority of the people is the position of the people. That's how we get presidents, right? Wait....



Posted at CARM on Sept 27th, 2011. Creationist: supersport.

I've noticed that the atheist gene very often accompanies the gay gene, the transexual gene, the evolutionist gene, the drunkard gene, the depression gene, and the drug-addict gene.

Someone doesn't know that genes aren't a kind of pants.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vaccine FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 22nd, 2011. Creationist: SuperSport

Posted in response to this article:
Rambunctious one-year-old Teco, a third-generation captive-born bonobo at the Great Ape Trust in Des Moines, Iowa, has an ape’s usual fondness for games and grapes. But perhaps because of trauma from a difficult birth (his mother was in labor for 60 hours) or a genetic predisposition, Teco is different from his bonobo peers in ways that resemble autism in young children. He could not cling to his mother or nurse the way healthy young apes do instinctively, mimicking the aversion to physical contact seen in children with autism. Teco also tends to fixate on shiny objects and avoids eye contact, and he has trouble coordinating his four limbs

Congratulations evos! Your vaccinations are doing the same things in zoo apes as they are in humans; screwing them up. Before long the zoo apes will start turning gay, acting obnoxious, angry, smoking, doing drugs and coming down with a variety of health issues, etc....basically acting like miniature ape-versions of Christopher Hitchens.

Hey may be that your vaccinations need to be's probably about time to load yourself up with a bunch of toxic chemicals....oh...and don't forget to take your flu shots...(you'll need several this year.)

When asked to present evidence that 1) vaccinations cause autism and 2) that this bonobo was given vaccinations, he had this to say.

Vaccination of zoo carnivores is essential because of their susceptibility to various diseases such as feline panleukopenia, feline rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus, rabies, canine distemper, and canine parvovirus.

Umm...1) Bonobos aren't carnivores. 2) these are vaccinations for FELINES and CANINES...neither of which family do chimpanzees/bonobos fall under. IDIOT!



Posted at CARM on September 21st, 2011. Creationist: Nouveau.

Nouveau: (in response to "how could plants survive the Flood?"
These evos say life originated from the primordial soup and they flip flop and say the same soup would kill plant life.



Plant FAIL

Posted at CARM on September 21st, 2011. Creationists Paul Solberg and Nouveau.

I'm a YEC. I'm curious to know why plants could not have survived the Great Flood. The Bible says that after the Ark touched down in the mountains of Ararat a bird was let loose and returned with an olive leaf. Any thoughts?

Plants can survive. God destroyed life in animals that breathed.

Of course. That's a great explanation. :P


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Christian FAIL

Posted at CARM September 2011 (several days). Creationist: Diane S - CARM V.P.

Diane began attacking another member, SOMS for saying that she had become an atheist due to her time spent on CARM.

Keep in mind - this is all written by a self proclaimed CHRISTIAN, and a leader of a Christian Ministry organization. It's slightly amazing, and why I'm no longer a Christian myself.

SOMS, as a side note, is a WONDERFUL and DEAR young woman that is kind to ALL, no matter their religion, or lack thereof. She made a very difficult journey, and I myself am proud to say I helped her along the way. :)

Poster: It means that when SOMS wasn't pushed about her beliefs then she was quite happy with them and would most likely have remained a follower of her chosen sect of Christianity. However when she came to CARM she had to question her beliefs and that, as they say, is where the rot set in.

Diane S:
oh please, this person claimed to denounce Christianity before her posts here. This is a borderline troll person with an agenda for attention.
Next she will claim to be wiccan or pagan...
SOMS is A FRAUD with a personality disorder online.......
And yes, I have seen the evidence before these forums opened she was denouncing Christianity.
She is a LIAR, fraud, troll....

Those are very strong claims with no concrete evidence - for those of us reading this, have you any evidence for us to believe this apart from your reputation and witness here?

Diane S:
Of course I do or I wouldn't post it. And for the record, opinion does no require evidence though I have already posted much of the evidence, the WORDS of Scripture and her very own words posted here or statements made by others on this forum concerning the supposed "deconversion".

It is my opinion based on what I've read and heard, and witnessed. Ask the person posting here if she claims to have been a Christian and now she is not. I can only say in my opinion she is a liar of denouncing Christ Jesus, denying the Son, because Scripture tells me that person is a liar. I have already posted the verses.

As for other evidence, the trolling and games, have read that as well.
Note that she says "of course I have evidence" but then states "I don't need evidence for an opinion". Then later "it's a fact she didn't". Which is it?

From what I've seen of SOMS she is a loving, intelligent, kind HUMAN BEING who has been nothing but honest with others and herself. NO-ONE deserves to be called those kind of names by someone they don't even know, least of all SOMS.

Diane S:
Well, I see the very opposite of the traits you listed, observed on these forums and will say so. Have a problem with that? Too bad....

SOMS finds the post that calls her all manner of rotten things:
I believe this is called libel?
Please...where is such proof? Personality disorder?????


This was very nasty. And very uncalled for.

Diane's response:
Accusations of being libeled/an implied legal threat

Poster suspended.

Moderators/Managers/Admin may ban someone if they even suspect that the person is trying to cause trouble in any way. No explanations are needed. If you don't like it, don't register. Any LEGAL THREATS to CARM or the CARM users will result in immediate banning of all parties involved.

You say that SOMS didn't deconvert here on CARM. Fine. But you saying she was never really a true Christian is a bit harsh, don't you think?

Another poster:
As Jesus said he would love NONE, there is always the chance then that the faith that SOMS had prior to her 'deconversion' counts for something and that she is not eternally lost. Maybe, just maybe, if there is a resurrection, SOMS will meet the Jesus she knew and loved in her early life and spend eternity with him. Perhaps rather than being a troll and a liar, she is a sister in Christ who has temporarily lost her way.

Diane S:
And perhaps it is time she be publically rebuked and turned over to Satan for discipline and to protect the others she is infecting? If you are correct, she would then have to also be held responsible to the Lord Jesus for all those she harmed along the way in the false teachings she continues to post year after year.

Moving right along - here's a highlight reel of Diane's best Christian posts in this thread.

SOMS (pre banning):
It's MY life, I would know. I have tons of scriptures memorized.

Diane S:
So does Satan.

Diane S:
SOMS, you are a liar, fraud, anti-Christ, read the verse.

"They were never of us" we should believe you and not John?

If you are having identity issues, maybe you should seek therapy.

I jump in and say "I walked with SOMS on the Evolution forum when she was still making decisions about her life. We gave her a LOT of advice that helped her make her decision. SOMS is a honest and good person."

Poster (Creationist):
And you expect me to take your word for it?

Poster (atheist):
Are you calling Elf (me) a liar?

Diane S:
I am, yes. Her statement that she 'deconverted on the Evolutionary forums is a LIE.

Notice that no where did I say that - I only mention that we talked a lot about it on the Evolution forums...not that she did it on the forums. But hey - she's far too pissed off at being wrong and getting called out for un-Christian behavior to stop now.

After banning the majority of people that stood up to defend someone that had been slandered, she finished it off with this.

Diane S:
I'll do a webpage myself using her real name and will drag her family in.

Gotta love that good Christian vibe you get from these people.


Sunday, September 18, 2011


Posted at CARM on September 15th, 2011. Creationist: System1970

If I go to a foreign country, I try to dress and behave appropriately so as not to offend the local population. Gay people should behave likewise. It's fine if they flash their gayness everywhere when they are among their own kind, but when around normal people they should be more polite.

When they're around their own kind? Seriously? They're not a different species...we ARE their own kind. Friggin retards.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chimp FAIL

Posted at CARM on September 16th, 2011. Creationist: Marke

What selective pressures led or made some chimps turn into humans while leaving others remaining the same?

My brain just shuts down halfway through.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Complete FAIL

Posted at CARM on September 11th, 2011. Creationist: A Dam.

The evidence shows that AIDS is highest among heterosexual women in Africa.

A Dam:
There are three kinds of lies: lies, d**ned lies, and statistics. Those women gave it to themselves, in fact, it originated by them giving it to themselves. Science is one of those awkward events that speaks loudly, carries a big stick, and then it goes flaccid.

WHAT?! It's been a long time since one of them could make my jaw hit my desk and my eyes pop out...but SERIOUSLY?!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Digit FAIL

Posted at CARM on September 7th, 2011. Creationist: Robert Byers

(In response to an article on birds fingers and how the first finger on a bird is indeed the thumb)

first there is no such thing as digits. There is just a need of bodies to have flexible protruding bones for different important needs. Birds just have them too. There is no reason to see any evolution of this digit into that.

Sometimes it just hurts too much to try and figure out what they were thinking.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Posted at CARM on Sept 6th, 2011. Creationist: Nouveau.

"Its not our fault all the evidence is on our side and the points we make are therefore so telling . . . such as the fact that you have ear wiggling muscles, inherited from a species that could actually wiggle their ears . . ."

Nouveau's response:

Have you seen a lobster wiggle its ears?

Face meet palm.