Monday, October 29, 2012

Glaciation FAIL

Posted on October 29th, 2012.

In response to someone mentioning glaciation events and the theory of the snowball earth:

Though to say that this controversial snowball earth existed before all know life forms? Your suggesting this snowball wiped out all life and then it started over again via evolution. Unless the earth was an asteroid flying threw space collecting frozen gas(basically becoming covered with ice) and then eventually being caught by our suns orbit/ and the ices melted forming gases and liquids? Those tropical glaciers would have to be composed of much more then water.

Yeah. The Earth was an asteroid flying through, wait, I'm sorry, THREW space.

This Creationist titled his thread "Evolution and Dinosaurs" and his or her opening post is entirely about questions regarding the Ice Age. No idea which Ice Age...just an Ice Age. His response to dinosaurs having nothing to do with the Ice Age:

I believe this big freeze may be the REAL reason the dinosaurs went extinct, and the primates finished off the rest of them. The asteroid theory is nonsense. I also beleive that the because of the earth's rotation, most of the earth's heat is drawn towards the equator. It is very unlikely the equator became frozen over solid. I'd say certain species survived(including the primates), and many specdies(like dinosaurs)became extinct whether it was lack of food, climate or they became prey.

Yeah. I'm thinking that this Creationist MIGHT think that all life existed at the same time. *sigh* The attempt to educate marches on.