Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grand Canyon FAIL

Posted at CARM on August 4th, 2010. Creationist RB.

RB: The GC is just sedimentary rock anyways.

Me: Negative - there are igneous intrusions at the GC seen at the bottom of the canyon.

RB: Rock type is irrelevant. The processes are the same except for very hard or very soft.'s irrelevantif formed through erosion of harder rocks into layers of softer material or if it formed through the volcanic eruption of magma onto the surface. Yeah - that sounds like the same processes to me.


Saturday, August 7, 2010


Posted at CARM on August 7th, 2010. Creationist: SuperSport.

SuperSport: We tell our kids that God created them through our love.

RJ: However, when it comes to the actual biology of conception, I hope you go beyond that. Or don't you believe in sperm and egg either?

SuperSport: eh...the sperm and the egg aren't really important.

Oh really? No comment.


Gay Marriage FAIL

Posted at CARM in the chat room. Creationist: B. Topic: same-sex marriage. Mountaineer_Elf is me.

[Bahama] Mountaineer_Elf then i am being discriminated because of my beliefs
[Mountaineer_Elf] bahama: lol!
[Mountaineer_Elf] I actually laughed out loud at that one!
[Mountaineer_Elf] that was good
[Bahama] in some sense its true
[Mountaineer_Elf] I'm gonna save it.
[Bahama] think about it
[Mountaineer_Elf] bahama in NO sense does some one in Connecticut marrying their same sex partner discriminate you because of your religion. ha ha ha
[Bahama] im being discriminated because i cant enforce my views on the public society in a democratic system to uphold laws

That's not descrimination, nerd. Democratic society means you don't have your right to FORCE your view. But you can have one. Nerd.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cover-up FAIL

Posted at CARM on August 3rd, 2010. Creationist (?): Eag

This guy's thread is a DOOZY. There may be SEVERAL posts from him today here at the fail of the day.

All evolutionists are part of the cover up. It is not God they are covering up, it is ET's. That is the real reason behind the show between creationism and evolution. They are actually OK with the masses believing one or the other---but not this. Religion is also part of the coverup. That was the reason religion--mainly Judaism and subsequently Christianity and Islam--were invented--the old pagan Gods were ET's and the ancient texts and religions are alegories and factual depictions of our true origins.

That's right ladies and gents - the battle between the educated (evolution/modern science) and the Creationists (uneducated/Bronze Age "Science") is because we're trying to cover up our involvement with ET's. :) Phone home someone!


Plate Tectonic FAIL

Posted at CARM on August 3rd, 2010. Creationist(?): Eag

Eag: They [the Sumerians] knew that the earth had broken crust as continents and gave a reason for it--a clash with another planet, which is the planet the gods were supposed to have been from.

So...we have plate tectonics not because of the mantle or crust but because of running into another planet, huh? .....


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Homophobic FAIL

Supplied by Dan.

There are no homophobics here, go post your propaganda and nonsense elsewhere.

Please! No one fears homosexuals, people may be disgusted or pity their mental illness and lifestyles, but hardly fear them. Ever see a bunch of homosexuals in one of their parades???? PLEASE again, fear????

They look like a bunch of perverted clowns needing to be given a shot of Thorazine...

Methinks he doesn't know what homophobia actually means and that it doesn't JUST entail being afraid of catching the gay germs. *headdesk* Thanks Dan!