Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Plain ole FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 29th, 2009. Creationist: Sport.

Original post:
Well then, is it your belief then that I can be a supporter of Evolution AND:

a. Not be in favor of abortion.
b. Not be racist.
c. Not Revel in death.

Sport's reply:
I suppose it's possible. But that would be alot like asking an atheist if he can be a proponent of Christianity. It may be technically possible, but it's seems to me to be a contradiction. Evos aren't evos because of any evidence. Evos are evos because they are messed up in the head. Being messed up in the head usually distorts all thinking, not just some.

Messed up in the head? Us silly realists!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Testing FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 23rd, 2009. Creationist: Win.

Ok, so Christians here love to point to supposed holes in the ToE and then claim that god must be right by process of elimination. But, process of elimination doesn't work like that, so they have to present some sort of test that could allow us to verify their claims.

So, please, give us a test that would allow us to verify your hypothesis. This does not mean attacking the other theory, just ignore the fact it even exists. This does not mean quoting the bible, because thats not a test, its a statement. It means, give us some sort of experiment we can perform to check if the results coincide with your ideas.

Win's Response:
Simple test:

If life is made by nature, that is by rocks or seas in the old times, then, life must not so important to all living animals.

Here is how to test if life is importatnt or not.

Poke a rat or any animals (as threatening to kill) and see how they behave. If they behave happily, then, ToE is correct, life and all living organisms were evolved. If those animals were not happy or afraid, then, ToE is wrong and Interrelation Theory is correct. Life and all living animals were selected to live.

Now, do that experiment or test.

Ummm...what? I know his dumb Interrelation Theory required defensive mechanisms and behaviors...but what out there says evolution doesn't require those things? That's dumb.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pre-Human FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 16th, 2009. Possible Creationist: Lib.

There is a time gap between Gen 1: 1, and Gen 1: 2, This gap could be billions of years, that is when all these PRE- historck creatures lived.
Some of the Giants were still around in Gen 6;
all these pre historic beings are devilish and were not created by God, they wer created by the devil when he fall from heaven to the first earth.
In Gen 6, when it says, "The sons of God" they were demonic beings.

So, the devil created dinosaurs? Didn't know he had that power...


Monday, September 14, 2009

Mind Reading FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 14th, 2009. Creationist: Shep.

I am trying to give you the picture that God created humans and animals separate; Therefore one cannot "evolve" into another. That man was created in God's image, and animals were not, is just another fact for evolutionists to consider.

Ecclesiastes 3:18-21

18 I also thought, "As for men, God tests them so that they may see that they are like the animals. 19 Man's fate is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath [b] ; man has no advantage over the animal. Everything is meaningless. 20 All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return. 21 Who knows if the spirit of man rises upward and if the spirit of the animal [c] goes down into the earth?"

Would you state your point? I do not "read minds".

Classic Creationist answer, wouldn't you agree?


Big Bang FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 14th, 2009. Creationist: BAK.

I think that the term Big Bang was invented by the astronomer Fed Hoyle in the 20th century and in the 19th century Darwin invented his Theories of Evolution and The Origin of the Species. Hoyle and Darwin have become linked by another theory that the Big Bang happened at Creation which was followed by evolution of the species. To me all of these theories are part of Satan’s conspiracy organized in spirit to destroy belief in Jesus Christ and thus belief in our Creator God.



Sunday, September 13, 2009

Earth FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 12th, 2009. Creationist: Win.

I am an old earth proponent but I think Young Earth Explanation is logical.

Biblically, if God will let sin stay in many hundred thousand of years, then, He is not a good God

Scientifically, the separation of continents must be done when the water is above the highest peak on earth, for if not, great tsunami will occur

If OLD EARTH, the separation of continents will trigger more earthquakes that means, more tsunamis. And we could find the traces of tsunamis. But do we have more traces of tsunamis for a million of years?

One word: geology.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Correctness FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 11th, 2009. Creationist: Shep.

The Bible is the only true account of the flood. Anything apart from it, whether correct or no, is only speculative.

So wait...anything apart from the Biblical, literal account of Noah's Flood that is CORRECT is...not correct? *confused*


Genesis FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 11th, 2009. Creationist: Dr.K

The first 3 chapters of Genesis is science, even if you deny it, because I deny that Darwin is science.

Silly Creationist. Darwin is a person. Science is science.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good Science FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 9th, 2009. Creationist: PS.

God did it is good science. Exclusion of God is bad science. Why? Be cause God did it.

That's not circular at all!


Marsupial FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 2nd, 2009. Creationist: RByers.

In fact the appendix in marsupials is from the fact they are the same creatures as placentals. No convergent evolution created appendix in marsupials separate from other creatures and no the creator did not create marsupials separate from the others.

Marsupials are placentals with pouches. And appendix.

It should of been obvious that a marsupial wolf was just a dumb old wolf.

Someone needs to take their crazy hat off.


Enzyme FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 9th, 2009. Creationist: Grace.

Nylonase , no matter what the mutation, is still Nylonase at the end of the day.
at what point does it become a duck?

a cold mutates and is still a cold virus.
human ear cells can be grafted and grow to a mature ear (external, on the back of a mouse.
the mouse is still a mouse, humiliated, but his specie4s does NOT change.
and I notice that Nylonase does not change or become more complex.

what I asked for was an increase in the genome that effect a change in species (assumed you would understand this since it is what evolution claims. )
we are looking for a mutation or evolution process where by the information (specifically species identifiers) is increased (to the end of the emergence of a new species.

When the Nylonase reaches the complex stage of fish, you can get back to me with the step by step process whee by the leap was made from single celled organism to multi-celled, complex organism.

Enzyme to duck evolution. Only in the mind of a Creationist, I tell you.


Chromosome FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 8th, 2009. Creationist: Win.

Spouting off about the Interrelation Theory once more, here is Win's reason why a telomere is included in human chromosome 2.

Because of the geological conditions of the earth. The future geological condition of the earth and the future species needed/required new type of defense mechanism for humans to live on this planet. So, the injunction of new rearranged (fused) chromosome must be needed.

Really? We have 46 chromosomes because of the geological processes that this planet continuously undergoes? Huh. Our 2nd Chromosome is our defensive mechanism against earthquakes apparently.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School FAIL

Posted at CARM Sept 7th, 2009. Creationist: Real.

But we do know that the flood never happened! Not only is there not any evidence of a global flood there are dozens of geological formations that falsify a recent global flood in human history.

Real's reply:
I was taught in school that it did happen! I believe the Bible above all!

Sunday school doesn't count as school.


Woodpecker FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 9th, 2009. Creationist: VJ.

In the meantime, while evolution is progressing, the woodpecker smashes its brains out before it has any protection, so it won't smash it brains out ... !!!

In response:
Um...what bizarre version of "evolution" did you learn that from??

While the wood pecker was supposedly evolving, it would have no protection for its brain, while pecking the wood, which would most certainly cause serious brain damage, as in death ... !!!

No...seriously. What whacked out version of evolution did THAT guy learn in school? ... !!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Theory FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 8th, 2009. Creationist: Win.

Interrelation Theory explains defensive mechanisms:

All fossilized organisms had defense mechanisms related to the era and times of their habitation and places of habitation. We cab find them embeddded in the crust of the earth.

There are two types of defense mechanisms:
One is acquired or learned defense mechanism and the other is selective injuncted defense mechanism. Stretching hands of primates, running of feet of mammals, flying of wings of birds are some examples of learned/acquired defense mechanism. All mimicries are selective injuncted defense mechanism.

WOW! Wings of birds are a learned/acquired defense mechanism! And here I thought that the bones of the arm and chest needed to GROW and EVOLVE over time to enable flight. Oh...an feathers help too.


Relation FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 8th, 2009. Creationist: Win.

Original conversation: Creationists have a lack of understanding of Biology, and they don't want one. There's no use in trying to pound it into the using evidence, so sit back and enjoy the ride of intellectual ignorance.

Win's reply to that:
Ignorance is when one says to you, "Hey, you come from ape, dude!" and your reply is, "Thank you, dude. Here is my dollar. Go on and research more.". And he come back and said, "Dude, your great great grandfather was an apes!" "Here is another dollar."

Uh huh. Ignorance is the Creationist who affirms that evolutionary scientists say your grandfather was a chimp. No Creationists, my great grandfather wasn't a chimp. Nor was yours (though I'll bet some were closer than others). Duh. If they were, WE'D be chimps.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Omniscient FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 3rd, 2009. Creationist: Win.

His post is a little hard to understand, as English isn't his first language, so I've interpreted a bit for you.

You see, omniscient God can know the future of the universe. But the "free humans" are not covered by that power since it is a violation of freedom.
God is omniscient but because humans have free will, God cannot see into the future of humans because it's anti-freedom. (WTF?!)

If you will read the Bible, God had come down from Heaven when He punished Sodom and Gomorah. He cannot see our all decisions.

God was very surprised when humans in times of Noah were doing worst things.

Really? God was surprised to see that the flaws he called human beings were screwing up? Riight.

That means, He cannot allow Himself to know the future of humans EXCEPT for those special humans like Paul or Moses etc that will be used as instruments for His works on earth.
Sounds to me like someone is telling God what he can/can't see or understand.



Posted at CARM on Aug 30th, 2009. Creationist: Sport.

atheists and evolutionists run in packs. They're like wolves. Their membership in the pack is more important than any sort of truth or reality. The fact that they may have major differences among themselves is unimportant....what's important is that they all hate creationists.



Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chicken FAIL

Posted at CARM on unknown date. Creationist: Mad.

Why can't we see a dinosaur when we open up a can of chicken soup?

Wow...really? There isn't a pole LONG enough for me to touch that with.


Brigade FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 3rd, 2009. Creationist: Boo.

The ban YEC in schools brigade are anti-freedom and anti-free-market.

The what brigade? Oh...you mean the science teachers and parents who are trying to follow the Constitution? Silly them.



Posted at CARM on Sept 3rd, 2009. Creationist: Boo.

The opinion that YEC has been "thoroughly debunked" is a dogmatic belief of fundamentalist evolutionists which they assume is a fact. It is not "a fact" to YEC. Being of limited knowledge and intelligence, evolutionists are not qualified to arbitrate absolutely on whether YEC has been thoroughly debunked in any absolute sense. Neither are YECs. The only one qualified to make absolute statements about it would be an omniscient observer.

Evolutionary science is a fundamental dogmatic belief system? Just because you can put together random phrases doesn't mean you should.


Poloticis FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 3rd, 2009. Poster: Ot.

Inresponse to a question: "would you vote for Cheny if he ran for pres in 2012?"

I wish Cheney would change his mind - the country needs a rational and competent person like him. We've had enough of the ones with "superior judgment".

Yeah. Because the Bush administration was nothing but honest.


Anthropology FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 3rd, 2009. Creationist: Flare.

Once again, another classic response to the"If dinosaurs lived with humans" thread.

Humans would be among the last to die there for they would be exposed to scavengers after the flood their bodies would rot and their bones would become scattered. A large number would sink to the bottom of the newly formed oceans deep lakes etc. Then the ones that remain on land where ice sheets came through during THE ice age would simply be ground to dust by the ice sheets.

It is not hard to understand why we have so few human fossils those we do have some that have been given other names such as cro magnon and neanderthal to name just 2.

Uh huh. Someone didn't tell her that Homo neanderthalensis is NOT related to us.

So to answer you question there's very good reasons why dino bones and human bones are not found together typically. Humans are smarter than dinos we would do all we could to survive using our intellect grabbing hold of logs and trying to survive swimming etc. Most dinos would not be good swimmers or smart enough to hold on or just not capable of holding on. They would die fast and sink earlier than humans. Im sure some humans were buried with dinos early on and we just have not found them yet.

No. Those are NOT good reasons. The best reason why you don't find human bones in the same layers of sedimentary rocks as dinosaur bones, is perhaps because HUMANS DIDN'T LIVE WITH DINOSAURS?!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Natural FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 2nd, 2009. Creationist: Mad.

Exactly. What exactly is natural??? Is this web site natural? Are you natural??? lol

Dictionary.com says that natural is: nothing Creationists ever say or do.


Dinosaur FAIL

Posted at CARM on Sept 2nd, 2009. Creationist: RByers.

Holy crap...this is my new favorite one. This post TRULY is the Creationist FAIL of the DAY! In response to "If people lived with dinosaurs, why don't we find their bones side by side?":

First there are no such things as dinosaurs. All there is are kinds of creatures.
These dinos were just certain creatures dominating some areas.
Now its POSSIBLE that some dinos were in fact just the creatures we have today.
I mean I noticed they would say this or that dino was only separate from mammals because of ear bones etc. Since I know marsupials are just placentals with a few minor details then the idea can be extended that many dinos are just "mammals" with a few different details.
Just speculating but maybe many dinos are misidentified.

People would not of lived with dinos or ever saw them. Before the flood creatures did not fear man and it would be too dangerous.
People lived in segregated areas.

A creationist should not ever expect to find people beside dinos.

Riiiiiight. More astounding scientific logic from R Byers.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fighting Instincts

Posted at CARM on Sept 1st, 2009. Creationist: 1TD. Supplied by ASDF.

In response to (summerizing) saying "I wish you'd all just die":

1TD: Sorry, I don't respond well to being ganged up on; it tends to really bring out my fighting instincts.

ASDF: For some reason I picture someone throwing a stink-bomb into a crowded elevator, then feeling picked on when the elevator's inhabitants complain.

That Creationist just got called a fart in an elevator. But isn't it typical that they insult in the name of God and then cry persecution when you call them out?


Interpretation FAIL

Posted at CARM on unknown date. Creationist: KKLL. Supplied by ASDF.

The title of the OP is What the Bible says about Homosexuality! , not what YOU say the bible is saying.

So I could say "the title of the OP is what SCIENCE says about dinosaurs evolving into birds, not what YOU say GENESIS says."


Arrogance FAIL

Posted at CARM on unknown date. Creationist: CD. Supplied by ASDF.

You're dead wrong. But just keep all that arrogant and foolish pride going. It clues others in on just how truely ignorant some really are.

Doesn't it mean that...if YOU said that I'M "dead wrong"...by default that makes YOU "dead right"...therefore YOU would have displayed "arrogant and foolish pride" making YOU look "ignorant"? That's what I got out of that.


Die Now...or Later?

Posted at CARM on unknown date. Creationist: 1TD. Supplied by ASDF.

1TD: I can only wish you an expedited journey to the destiny of your choosing.

ASDF: Considering "destiny" in fundamentalist circles refers to "going to heaven or hell after you die", when you say "expedited journey", should that be read to say "I hope you die soon"?

1TD: Take it any way you wish; I don't care.

They DO want us all out of the way!


Rejection FAIL

Posted at CARM on unknown date. Creationist: CD. Supplied by ASDF.

you've amply shown that you reject truth whenever it gets in the way of your pet sin.

Like...oh, say off the top of my head...rejecting most of science because it doesn't have anything to do with a magical tree, talking snake, or a global flood? Yeah. WE reject truth.


Protest FAIL

Posted at CARM on unknown date. Creationist: CD. Supplied by ASDF.

Actually, those who are overly forceful in their beliefs are those who protest too much.

Like, the Creationists protesting gay marriage? Or the Creationists protesting evolution taught in schools?