Monday, January 31, 2011

Lack of Understanding

Posted at CARM on Aug 29th, 2010. Creationist: Eek.

Comment: (based on a paper written about Neanderthals having autism or being responsible for autism in modern-day populations)

"the guy (the author of the paper) has no idea what he talking about, SAD is a seasonal form of depression, it has no relation to hibernation, no known ape species hibernates, they don't need to. this is just poor speculation and conclusions from poor speculation.
he has a list of sources but he doesn't appear to have read them."

Eek: Just because you have no idea what he is talking about, doesn't mean he doesn't!

I love a good double negative in the afternoon - don't you? I also love a good "whoosh" moment. As in right over this posters head.


Neanderthal FAIL

Posted at CARM on Aug 30th, 2010. Creationist: Eek

Comment: "There is no way to know whether or not neanderthals had autism."

Eek: "LOL! There is no way to know evolution happened, either. We can gather how they acted by the environment in which they lived. Most likely they would resemble people who have autism and aspergers syndrome."

Is this poster saying that all Neanderthals had autism due to the morphology of their skull? *facepalm*


Harassment FAIL

Posted at CARM on Jan 29th, 2011. Creationist: Eek

Comment: How dare I comment on what you have said in a public forum? You don't like it? Don't post in a public forum.

Gae: Yeah that is how evos do it: they goad people by asking personal questions about their feelings meanwhile saying "get a grip" and other harrassment, and then post it all on a blog with comments they can't get away with here.

YOU get a grip!

Don't like it? Stop being stupid. "Get a grip" isn't's something that poster needs to do.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Placental FAIL

Posted at CARM on Jan 28th, 2011. Creationist: RB.

Marsupials are just placentals with pouches


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First FAIL of 2011

Posted at CARM on Jan 18th, 2011. Creationist: Noob

"Teaching evolution in schools increases global warming"

Wow. Sometimes the stupid burns, huh?