Thursday, December 27, 2012

Figuring it Out WIN!

Though this Young Earth Creationist isn't putting themselves as the subject of this statement...I put him/her there.

Obviously, seriously deluded people think that those people who oppose them are seriously deluded. That goes without saying.

Yep. Goes without saying that people that thing the world is 10,000 years old, or less, are deluded. Yep. Goes without saying, though we've both said it. Twice.


Atheist FAIL

Atheists as well have a personal awareness of God when they feel guilt for something wrong which they have done. When they rage against God in their fervour to prove him non-existent. It is said that the most ardent believers in God are the communist atheists who would get together in anti-God meetings to bolster one anothers non-belief in the face of the ever present and inescapable presence of God. 



Those Words Just FAIL

A Christian has 100% proof because he has the faith of God, which the scripture describes as being the EVIDENCE of things not seen.

Wait - proof because of faith? Well...those two words don't mean the same thing. Evidence unseen? Well...then it's not evidence, is it? Hmm. I don't think those words mean what YOU think they mean.


Calibre FAIL

"I don't need to know my science to take on a scientist of any calibre."

I don't spell-check the posts...that's how he/she left it.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Native American FAIL

Posted by SuperSport at CARM.

Sport: American's have never mass slaughtered innocents.

Response: My Apache great, great grandmother would beg to differ as her family was killed by Americans in the 1880s.

Sport's response: they (meaning indians in general) should have never started attacking people with their bows and arrows; they should have expected some sort of response, no? If they would have been smart they'd have learned to live/get along with the newcomers to help form better societies..of coruse they couldn't do that because they weren't instead many of them just attacked, as non-Christians tend to do. They had to learn the hard way that when you act like an animal, you often get treated like one.